Key Power Driving & Traffic School is a family own school with over 25 years experience in the training of Commercial Drivers. We are more committed than ever of providing the transportation industry the best-trained CDL drivers in the business. Our CDL training courses are more thorough than most schools. Will put training emphasis on you because we want to make sure that you will meet the hiring qualifications required to get a job as a Commercial Driver.

One to One training behind the wheel is rarely offered at any commercial driving school in the nation. This custom One to One training behind the wheel enables us to monitor each student's progress, to guarantee that they are moving in a positive direction in acquiring their CDL License and skills. We make you practice until your "backing score" exceeds the minimum industry standard score of 88%.
"If you are successful, we are successful".

Our courses are tailored to be effective in both time and our tuitions rates are reasonable and affordable. Whether you are an individual seeking a CDL or a company that needs their drivers to upgrade their skills, KPDTS is here to help! (Contact us and check our tuitions rates).

We do not promise you a job in return for your enrollment at KPDTS. We simply are not in the business of job placement but rather assisting you in getting your CDL License. Weather you want to drive a Tractor-Trailer, Straight Truck, Passenger Bus or School Bus we will be there to guide you in getting your CDL.

We will not miss lead you on exaggerating facts about the transportation industry so we can get you to enroll at our school. We will encourage you to do your own research before you commit to any school.

Our training schedule is flexible so that you can continue to work at your current job, (if you are working) and still be able to attend school to get the training you will need to acquire your CDL license.
Our school staff and experience licensed and certified Instructors are fluent in the English and Spanish Language to better assist you.

We provide various types of industry standard vehicles so that students have the opportunity to get training and knowledge through familiarity with equipment used in today's transportation industry. The different types of industry standard vehicles we use for our training are certified by the DOT.

There are many choices to choosing a school, but completing your training with a reputable school, such as KPDTS can mean being employed much faster and getting hired by the top companies in the industry, which also means higher pay.

Perhaps the most important reason to consider KPDTS: Your success in the trucking industry depends on several factors. First, you must have the right training to prepare you to be a Commercial Driver. Second, with the right training from KPDTS you will not only walk away prepared for a commercial driving career but you will also become more marketable to transportation companies. Third, your CDL opens the door for you to enter the transportation industry as a commercial driver. With your CDL in hand, you will be able to enter one of America's most important industries that offers a variety of local, regional and national opportunities. KPDTS is your gateway to the acquisition of your CDL License. We are Focused on Your Success.

Lastly, safety is the top priority for KPDTS, but especially for transportation companies that hire Commercial Drivers. It is absolutely imperative that all safety aspects are complied with to its highest standards, and that begins with the Commercial Driver. Companies go out of their way to recruit only the most qualified individuals to operate their vehicles, and that process should statrt at the school.


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