Enrollment Requirements

In order to be considered for enrollment, each applicant must possess the following qualifications:

All prospective applicants must complete a Qualification Admissions Form and be interviewed by representative of the school.
Be at least 18 years old. (21 Interstate)
Possess a valid driver's license. (NOT SUSPENDED IN ANY OTHER STATE)
Be able to obtain a CDL learner's permit, have a CDL learner's permit, or KPDTS will assist you in obtaining a CDL learner's permit.
Must pass a DOT (FMCSA) physical examination.
Must pass a DOT (FMCSA) (Part 382 CSAUT) drug test before attending school.
Must be drug and alcohol free and agree to random drug and alcohol testing as per DOT (FMCSA) (Part 382 CSAUT) requirements while attending in vehicle training.
Complete an Enrollment Agreement.

Upon completion of the enrollment procedures, student services will assist the applicants in preparing for a successful entry into school. Student services will finalize all necessary paperwork, including the appropriate enrollment documents needed by the applicants.

KPDTS recognizes that some applicants may not meet the entire enrollment requirements listed above. These applicants are encouraged to speak with the School's management for assistance.


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