Looking to Get Hired for a commercial Driving Job?

Key Power Driving & Traffic School does not offer Job Placement Assistance!

However there are numerous commercial driving jobs available to certified Commercial Drivers who have acquired a CDL license. With a CDL license, there is a potential for a variety of career options that will fit your lifestyle including driving and non-driving duties and you should seek the one that's right for you and your family.
Whether you want to drive commercial vehicles locally, regionally or over-the-road, you need to have a CDL License. KPDTS will assist you in acquiring your CDL Class A-Tractor-Trailer,
B-Straight Truck, B-Passenger or B-School bus License!

Consider the following industries that require a Commercial Driver with a CDL License:

Transportation and material moving
Heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers
Hauling specialty cargo
Furniture delivery
Intercity and interstate deliveries
Self-employed truck driver
Local driver
Regional driver
Over the road driver
Grocery store, produce market, or bakery delivery driver
Tuck driver-training instructor
Cement and concrete production
Bus driver
Building material/supply company delivery
Auto-transport drivers


Did you know that 78% of everything consumed in the U.S. is delivered by Commercial Drivers? Commercial Drivers are on the road 24 hours a day, every day of the year, transporting everything our nation needs, Commercial Drivers are vital to the American economy since the business world could not succeed without the transportation industry. Our country depends on the transportation industry to deliver its goods. As we move toward the future, our communities will rely even more on swift and efficient transport service, as our economy demands it.

Commercial Driving is not what it was ten years ago, or even two years ago. It's changing for the better. Companies realize that in order to attract good drivers they need to make driving a comfortable and enjoyable profession. The response of the industry has been to provide better pay, newer, more advanced equipment, and excellent benefits. While Commercial Driving is a demanding job and employment trends are affected by the economy, being a Commercial Driver can be exciting and satisfying.

Whether you become a Commercial Drivers is a personal decision. It requires careful thought about the lifestyle and family impact, the economy, your judgment about the job prospects for the type of position you want, and many other factors. For each student, enrolling in a Commercial Driving School requires research and consideration of these factors.

Job demands for qualified drivers show strong, consistent growth patterns with no end in sight. This means job security to you, diverse employment opportunities.

A serious driver shortage is developing that could disrupt our finely tuned distribution system. It is not a shortage of goods or shortage of equipment. Surprisingly, it is a shortage of qualified CDL Drivers.

There are many great advantages to getting your CDL and becoming a Commercial Driver. Here are a few of them:

Commercial Driving is probably one of the highest paying jobs available that doesn't require a High School Diploma or college degree.

Commercial Drivers are always in demand. It is virtually a recession-proof industry.

You don't have to be an OTR driver if you don't want to be.

Many local companies need CDL drivers.

Job Security
Vacation Pay
Holiday Pay
Health Insurance Plans
Disability Insurance Plans
Retirement Programs and Plans
Most people dream of being able to travel all the time; you get paid to travel.
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom

Experience the exhilarating and rewarding career of a professional Commercial Driver.

CDL Drivers With No Experience:

CDL drivers with no experience ask all the time what their chances of getting local employers to hire them are without experience?

Well let's break it down:

a. A CDL driver with experience coming off the road and looking for a local job have two things that local employers are not to fond of, sure he\she has the "experience" but they would not work for less money then what they are accustom to and they have habits (good or bad) that bring to the new job, these are not assets to local employers, on the contrary.

b. Now lets consider a "Rookie CDL Driver" applying for a local job. First he would accept less "pay" to start and second no "habits", this is a good thing for local employers because they can mold the new employee to adapt to the way the employer run their company without possible disruptions.

Remember "Experience" comes with time and by doing over and over the task on hand, if no employer would take a chance with a new 'Un-Experience" CDL driver and give he\she the opportunity to grow and excel he\she would never get the 'Experience" needed for the skill.

Words To The Wise:

We all need a chance in life to prove that we can do what we set our minds to. In this industry you are looking for that employer to give you that chance. Once you have built the confidence and experience for at least six months working for this employer you can use this on your resume as verifiable experience, ultimately enabling you to command your own destiny.



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